Channeling Spirit

What is involved in a Reading?

Olgaa begins the session by calling in your guides and helpers as well as her helpers.
Different guides will come in as needed, including relatives who have passed over if requested or occasionally even if not requested.

After tuning in to the person Olgaa will pass on any insights or issues that are communicated through her from the guides and indeed from your own soul.

You can ask questions at any time, either prepared or as they arise during the session.
Generally the guides will answer any question, however the answer might not always be what you expected but rather what is the most appropriate for you at the time. They don't give out Lotto numbers for example (we tried).

Sometimes they don't give any advice for reasons known only to themselves. Perhaps because the person needs to learn to trust

their own judgement rather than relying too much on what others say.

Any predictions made reflect the most likely outcome given your current circumstances.

They are not guarantees, as circumstances can change along the way due to the operation of free will (see our article on predictions).

As the guides remind us often, we have the power to change our future.

The guides will not tell you what to do, it is up to each individual to make choices, for this is how we learn and grow.
What they will do is give people insights into their situations so that they can make more enlightened choices, leading to greater peace and joy.

It has been our experience that irrespective of a person's circumstances there is never any judgment from the guides, only patience and unconditional love.

Clairvoyant/Medium - Olgaa Fienco