Channeling Spirit

People's Experiences

Here are included testimonials from some of Olgaa's clients. One of which has included her experience in a book that she has written.

Not everyone will have the same type of experiences, what happens depends on many factors including what the guides/higher source come up with, the person's approach to the reading etc, See the FAQ page for more information.
However the testimonials do demonstrate the ability of the spirit guides and helpers to know things about her clients that she could not possibly have known or guessed.

Channeling Spirit

The following is an excerpt from a book written by one of Olgaa's clients describing her channeling session with her which was a catalyst for a spiritual journey that ensued from it, including trips to India and culminating in the following book.

With her permission we have reproduced part of Chapter One here.

Desert Wisdom Book

Desert Wisdom


Vasantha Lakshmi Sai

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Chapter One

Sai Baba Enters

"Sai Baba has come to sit in for your reading," said Olgaa with a surprised smile. "This is the first time this has happened in one of my sessions. Oh, now He wants me to offer you a glass of water."

My eyes flew open and I gasped audibly, for at that exact moment I was overcome by a thirst so great that it felt like I had been walking for miles across an arid desert and had just fallen onto my knees exhausted and dehydrated and very close to death.

My husband and I had gone to Olgaa Fienco for an angel channelling session.

Richard, a programmer, was between job contracts and was seeking a new position.

He called a former work colleague to confirm his role as a referee and during their brief telephone conversation, Olgaa's name came

up and by the end of that short exchange he had booked an appointment for us to see her.

I had not met Olgaa or her partner before. I went along with my husband on a trickle of curiosity.
For Richard to have booked a session of this type was out of character.

A few days later, I took a deep breath and stepped through Olgaa's front door.
After the initial introductions Olgaa ushered us into her lounge where she did her channelling.
The first thing that met my eyes was a photograph of Sai Baba on her mantelpiece. Next to Baba were images of Jesus and other angels.
I knew then somewhere deep within that I was meant to be there.

After I had the drink of water that Olgaa brought to me, we settled into the session once again.
My mind was reeling, I was in awe and my scepticism of the authenticity of angel channellers was receding.
This time Olgaa was a channel for Sai Baba and Baba had one message for me.

It was: "Read those books."
"What books are these?" I asked.
Baba then showed Olgaa three books and told her that I had them already. He even showed her where they were in my house! Olgaa described them to me and this was how I was led to, A Course in Miracles, a book on Positive Thoughts and a book on Sai Teachings.

I asked Baba for some guidance for my husband and me and according to Olgaa, He held a yellow birthday cake in His hand, smiled mischievously and then left.