Channeling Spirit

Can you put me in touch with a relative who has passed away?

This often happens but it depends entirely on those from the other side.
Many times the relative or friend that people want to contact comes through, giving details of their life on Earth which demonstrates to the client that it is really them.
Other times a different relative/friend comes through than the client expected or the person that comes through gives clues that the client doesn't recognise.

One recent example we had was of a client who came for a reading wearing a bracelet that her grandmother gave her in the hopes that she would come through in the reading. She did not tell this to Olgaa.
During the initial general reading Olgaa told the client “There’s a woman here, she’s about 80 with very gentle eyes is holding a hanky in her hand and is wearing lipstick. The lipstick is always on, very fussy about wearing the lipstick. She liked to have lots of cups of tea and sweets. She had an unusual hand wave using only the fore-fingers with the thumb being folded inwards."
The client said she knew who it was and that in fact it was her grandmother.

The grandmother then gave her white flowers from spirit and said they were orchids, the client responded with “they are my favourite flowers and nan had white orchids on her coffin.”

This was an amazing confirmation of the possibilities to contact the other side.
However it should be pointed out that although many do, not all readings or communications with the other side provide this level of detail.
This is generally true for most psychics/mediums trying to contact the other side.
A good example of this is the well-known medium John Edwards, sometimes he is given specific detail such as a name other times only vague clues are given which he or the client has to try and piece together.

The other point is that sometimes without the reader asking anything a loved one may decide to be present. It is not up to the reader to be able to “ask” that the loved one be present.
Just allowing without expectation can bring a more rewarding session than one based on too much expectancy.

How do we know that the channeler is not subconsciously making up the information?

This can be ruled out for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, it is often the case that the information that comes through is highly personal in nature, describing the listener's inner state or circumstance which the channeler could not possibly know about or guess. This has happened to us many times.
Not only are the spirit guides aware of our inner state of being, but they are also aware of states and circumstances of the past which are no longer in our minds. This would seem to rule out the possibility that the channel is unconsciously reading our thoughts.
At the very least one has to allow the possibility of direct communication at the superconscious level.
Also there have been many instances where the guides shared information that neither the channel nor the listener knew anything about but which was later proven to be correct.

One such example involves a woman who was given a description of a relative, eg blonde hair with ponytail, big white front teeth etc,

and was also told that the relative was pregnant.
The description fitted the relative very well, however as far as the listener knew she was not pregnant.
The woman later related this to the relative who declared that she was not pregnant. However the relative decided to do a pregnancy test just in case. She discovered that she was in fact some weeks pregnant.
We have encountered many other examples along these lines.

The other reason is that the guides from time to time display a perspective or view of the world that is different to that of the channel. Indeed there are times when the channel is just as surprised at what is said as the listeners.
The guides often demonstrate a level of wisdom and knowledge that is not normally displayed by the channel.

Should a Psychic know every detail about your life?

Some people have the expectation that a Psychic should be able to tell you every detail of your life and answer every question as if they knew you intimately.
This is not a realistic expectation, Psychic readings are not just a two way conversation, but a three way, or even more. That is, the Psychic relies on information coming to them from higher sources, whether it be Spirit Guides etc or their own inner/higher aspect of themselves.

Sometimes what comes through is very specific, other times it is more general, and occasionally nothing comes through.
Sometimes what the Psychics bring through will be immediately recognised by the client other times it will not.
We can see this playing out when Psychics appear on television.
Take the example of the well known Psychic John Edward who sometimes comes up with specific information that is very accurate and other times it will miss the mark. Sometimes he is given very specific information such as a person’s whole name other times he is given clues that he or the listener has to try and piece together.
Another example was the Australian television program “The One” which was meant to select the best Psychic in the country from a list of a dozen or so contenders.
All of the contestants got some things right and some things wrong.

Some hits were quite spectacular and show that the process is genuine.
There were also some spectacular misses which shows that there are many factors that can influence a reading. The added pressure of being on television and competing most likely interfered with the process of clear transfer of information.

In this regard it helps if the client approaches the reading with an open mind and doesn’t assume that the information coming through is not accurate if he/she doesn’t immediately recognise how that information relates to their life.
The information that is being passed on from “higher” sources is not always direct or detailed but never the less can be enlightening if the person is willing to dig deeper.

It is our belief that the “higher” sources are sometimes purposely vague so that the person can figure out the issue for themselves from the clues, rather than becoming dependant on others to tell them what to do, which is ultimately disempowering.
It also encourages people to look at the lessons that a challenging situation or difficulty brings.

The ultimate goal is to strengthen the connection with our own inner being, our own inner voice which is the best source of advice.

How accurate are psychic predictions?

Some psychics in the past have claimed 100% accuracy when it comes to making predictions.
However, we would say that 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed for the simple reason that man has free will.
If it was possible to predict something with such certainty it would mean that the future was set in stone, it could not be changed. There would not be much point in incarnating into the physical form.
Because we have free will we can change our circumstances, we can learn and grow.
If everything was predetermined man would be reduced to a reactive machine that could not participate in the creative process.

When clairvoyants and psychics make predictions they are giving us the most likely outcome based on our, or the world's, current circumstances.
Many times the predictions come to pass but there is no guarantee they will do so because circumstances can change along the way as a result of the operation of free will.
Psychic predictions involve being able to see causal connections from a higher perspective which gives one a better view of the probable future.
An analogy of this would be the example where two persons walk along roads that intersect some distance away. The walkers not being aware of their probable future meeting at the intersection because the view ahead is obscured by intervening hills.
Someone looking down from a height, in a helicopter for example, might be able to predict that the two persons would meet in a certain time frame, based on the rate of walking and their distance

from the intersection, etc, but there is no guarantee that this will happen.
One of the walkers might decide to rest for a while before proceeding, missing the other person at the junction, etc.
Some well know psychics have in the past had some spectacular hits with predictions, but also spectacular misses, for this reason.

Nevertheless, the fact that some of these predictions can be made at all is remarkable in itself.
That some disasters for example have been accurately predicted long before they occurred shows us how little we understand at the scientific level about the workings of the universe.
This indicates that there is a lot more than just the known physical laws at play in determining outcomes.
It further supports the explanations given to us by the guides that it is the actions and thoughts of humanity that are responsible for many of the events seen on the planet.
There is currently a lot of negative focus on the Earth plane. News services concentrate on negativity, we have global tensions and the effects of global warming, etc. All of this helps to shape our future.
Despite all of this, we are optimistic about the future. For if we can influence events in a negative way we can also create a brighter personal and global future by thinking and practicing more peace, love and gratitude.
Positive thought is a lot more powerful than it's negative counterparts, so it only takes a relatively small number of people to affect changes for the better.