Channeling Spirit

What is Channeling?

Channeling is the process of receiving information from higher levels of consciousness, other dimensions or intelligences. It involves silencing the mind so that the communications can be registered by the consciousness of the receiver.

In the past channeling was associated with the higher entity or being 'taking over' the body of the channel in order to speak directly. However, most channels these days are just that - channels through which communication is transferred from one side to the other with no taking over involved.

There are many ways that the information can be transferred - through the channel hearing words, being shown images, the transfer of feelings or a combination of these and even through the influence of the muscular system of the channel that occurs in automatic writing.

Although everyone should be able to

channel with practice, some people seem to have a head start in that they already possess the required apparatus to receive without much effort.
We have noticed though that the number of people with psychic/channeling abilities has greatly increased in recent years. We think this is indicative of the general vibrational shift that the Earth is undergoing at present.

From our experiences in this area we believe that these are genuine communications with beings from other realms, such as spirit guides, angelic beings, enlightened masters, souls that have lived on other planetary systems as well as our own.
As with all these things, each person has to decide for themselves what to accept and what to reject.
However, there is enough evidence around for the existence of other dimensions and the survival of the soul after death to make channeling a reasonable proposition.

Channeling Spirit

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Channeling Spirit

The Joy of Channeling

Talk by Olgaa Fienco

How do you know so much about us?

"Because I read your soul and understand the many journeyings and travels you have come through.
And from your soul I read a spectrum not just one piece of information. It is like your CD’s, the information stored within your soul is of every thought, lifetime and experience you have had."

~ Chancellor of Orion